Video with a touch of genius

Experience, Create and Share Video Just by using your fingers!

Now you can use all your familiar gestures—like tap, swipe, or slide to do everything you ever wanted with your videos. Fast, easy and powerful.

Mixer gives you the superpowers to take control of time and space in video, add your styling and effects and share instantly

  • Touch controlled video - like anything else mobile. Tap to play, tap to pause, swipe to go fast, swipe back for reverse, scrub to go slow motion and pinch to zoom and pan - you’ll be a pro in no time - even a cat can play video with touch!
  • Play your moments, with real mobile touch control of video. Quickly find the best parts, and dig deep into them.
  • Create instantly from any moment, recording your playback and adding effects and styling to personalize.
  • Share your creations instantly to your friends, family and the world, or save it for later.

Mixer App. A genie using sense to power your videos.